Inspire IT performance, inject innovation and heighten employee engagement

Use the Valcoris Agile Operating Model to realize new ways of working that maximize value, optimize cost and minimize risk

What keeps you up at night?



You were headed to the birthday party when the phone rang…   

You went viral --- so did your website outage…  

You achieved a new record in orders --- you were only able to ship the first 60%...

Speed to Market

Speed to Market?


   Lead, Follow or Get out of the way Go away 

In the wild you can be 2nd slowest and survive – in business you need to be the fastest 

Your idea will take over market share --- your competitor beat you to the punch…

Controlling Spend

Controlling Spend?

You dream about innovating but can only afford to keep the lights on

Facing staff while planning a reduction in force…

Having to justify ANOTHER annual spending increase



Staying off the list of disrupted companies… 

  • KODAK 
  • Blockbuster 
  • Borders 
  • Circuit City

How to take advantage of IoT, Blockchain, AI, … 

Staffing employment engagement

Staffing / Employee Engagement?


Applying yesterday’s skills to today’s problems

My unfilled job requisitions have become immortal…

My workforce is clocked in, but checked out

If these challenges resonate with you...

Compare your way of working with our Agile Operating Model - the first step to a good night's sleep

Our Performance Assessment takes a qualitative look at 15 common performance factors associated with the business of IT.  Within the assessment you indicate your accessibility to data insights and identify how likely you are to achieve desired results.  The assessment applies this information to validate where your performance is "good enough" or highlights where our Agile Operating Model is more likely to make you successful.

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Our Product

Operating Model

Think Different / Work Different by implementing our Agile Operating Model.  A model specifically designed for the business of IT.  Our operating model is sustainable vs. being a silver bullet because it's not an event, it is a "way of working".

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Operating Model

We offer a variety of services to help you thrive in a world of disruption.  We challenge accepted wisdom and encourage new ways of working in your IT operating model.  

Our Sprints

Design Sprint

Our focus is YOU.  

Starting with a Design Sprint to produce a roadmap for your new ways of working. Subsequent Delivery Sprints act on consumable quick wins from the roadmap.

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