About Us

What we do

Leading CIOs seek IT performance that injects innovation and strengthens employee engagement. We specialize in enabling technology leaders to create an organizational ecosystem where agile can scale to the enterprise. Our Valcoris Agile Operating Model realizes new ways of working that maximize value, optimize cost and minimize risk. Measuring performance this way accelerates and perpetuates the behavior changes CIO’s seek. 

Key Benefits include:

  • faster delivery
  • streamlined decision making
  • frictionless governance
  • effective cost management and
  • engaged/empowered staff 

realized through organic change rather than by bureaucratic controls.  

What we have done

We were both thought leaders and change leaders for transforming Walmart’s IT Operating Model to an Agile Model -- transitioning from a project orientation to a product orientation.  

We used a capability-based model to instill new behaviors for accountability.  Within a year, Walmart Technology made significant improvements in maximizing value, optimizing cost and minimizing risk.   

We applied a systems-thinking view as we designed the new operating model.  We incorporated other large initiatives already in flight, and we made them collectively more effective.  Those initiatives included moving from annual planning to continuous planning, changing the IT funding model, adopting agile software development, and modernizing the technology portfolio.

Who we are

We led Walmart’s IT Operating Model Transformation while we worked together in the strategy, enterprise architecture and governance teams. Our tenures there varied from 6 years up to 28.  

We think it’s safe to say we understand scale, complexity and results.

Photos by Randal Estes

The Team

Tim Hale

I love designing approaches to sticky problems.  I strive to be keenly aware of what motivates people and their actions. I enjoy speaking across all levels of management and easily tailor my message to my audience. I’ve learned the importance of simplicity without being simplistic – the important things are always simple and the simple things are always hard. 

During my 28 years at Walmart Technology, I witnessed 4 different IT Operating Models. With Ken and Denver, we designed and led the fourth one to incorporate product management, business architecture, agile development and technology modernization.  I am a Certified Enterprise Architect (Carnegie-Mellon University), an ITIL Expert, as well as a Certified Public Accountant.

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Denver Renfro

My expertise is connecting the dots between People, Process and Technology. I seek out the problems that no one else wants and then work collaboratively with stakeholders and subject matter experts to offer simple, elegant solutions. My experience provides me the knowledge to simplify business processes to bring efficiency to organizations.   

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Ken Brown

Beneficiary of 30+ years of being educated through experience, providing the investment in knowledge that pays the best interest. (Benjamin Franklin)

I get excited about working with others to solve problems by collecting data, converting it to information to produce knowledge that forms insightful decisions.

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