Sprints to Success...

We use a two step engagement model consisting of a time-boxed Design Sprint and one or more Delivery Sprints. Features of the model include: 

  • At the conclusion of each sprint your organization will always be in a working state
  • Delivery Sprint(s) focus on highest value, lowest cost efforts -- quick wins!
  • Establishes sustainable behaviors for ongoing long-term continuous improvement

We will use as many Delivery Sprints as needed to get you to where you will Maximize Value, Optimize Cost and Minimize Risk. The number of Delivery Sprints is based on your organizations appetite for change and the extent to which you want to transform your ways of working.   

Design Sprint

Design Sprints produce a roadmap to realize your Goal State using the following steps to achieve...

   1) Foundation - Shared Understanding:

       - Pains / gains, their relationship to "ways of working"

       - Design-Sprint approach

   2) Co-Create - Shared Vision: 

       - Goal State

       - Critical Success Factors (CSFs)

   3) Co-Solution - Shared Agreement:

        - Epics within each CSF

        - Dependencies between CSFs

   4) Co-Design - Shared Commitment: 

       - Release Plan

       - Criteria used to assess progress

   5) Retrospective: 

        - Design-Sprint learnings;

        - Journey evaluation

Delivery Sprint

Delivery-Sprints use quick wins to deliver the Design-Sprint roadmap by... 

   1) Co-Develop: Independent teams build their pieces of quick win solutions

   2) Co-Integrate: Bring pieces together for a seamless experience

   3) Co-Implement: Activate solution(s) for consumption

   4) Learn & Adjust: Recognize changes for continuous improvement / Innovation

   5) Plan Next Delivery Sprint: Commit to the next set of "quick wins"